Daily Coop News . . .

Thursday, September 24, 2009

The arrival of Fall and the Bees

The arrival of Fall . . . I hardly think so. The humidity feels more like the middle of summer, with late afternoon thunder storms. The rain barrels fill with ease, and the drought of the spring is only a distant memory. The only thing absent from this summer is the word hurricane, some how I don't think any of us miss that word in Florida. I was so happy to hear of snow in the Rockies, which always mean Fall cannot be too far away, I am looking so forward to it this year, we have had a long hot summer. I am looking forward to opening the windows, and airing out the old house, sleeping in the cool nights, with the crickets chirping in the background, only to be out done by Beauregard, Captain Jack and George, crowing a melody that I am sure only Goldilocks can appreciate.
The arrival of the bees . . . We have come to expect the arrival of the bees in the old dead Malaleucas right outside the coop, and they are here in full force this year, buzzing high above our heads, carrying pollen from the Passion flower, Zinnia, and Chickweed. They hover above the bird baths, dart from the orchids, aloe and squash blossoms. They are enjoying the yard this year as are we. Every time I get close to having the old trees cut down, someone else is using them for a home. The woodpeckers have been here all summer, including the two Pileated, always good to see them. . .

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Zippy's on the loose . . .

The grass is always greener on the other side, or so Zippy thinks. On what can only be called a Florida Fall morning, the humidity as high as it gets, and the temperature already at 83 when the sun came up, Zippy dug her way to freedom. Chester was quite alarmed by his furry friend wandering on the outside of her playpen eating every blade of green grass she encountered, however with a little coaxing he settled right down to stand guard as she continued on her journey. George herded his hens in the opposite direction, knowing full well that kind of trouble he did not need. All the while Beauregard and Captain Jack sounded alarms from both sides of chicken yard, and Ruthie and Frenchie peered disapprovingly from their laying buckets inside the coop. Zippy when on about her business, blissfully unaware of all the concern she had gathered on this Florida Fall morning.

Monday, September 14, 2009

A Rainy Day

A rainy day in the coop, although all are well. The main rooster Beaureguard stands watch, hawks have visited daily this week. George's hens are feeding the recent moth hatch near the jasmine arch, and Captain Jack Sparrow is still looking for attention from Mrs. Butterworth. All of the hens are finishing up thier molt, and thier feathers are coming in beautifully, egg production should increase shortly.

Zippy, the lopped eared bunny is in her playpen for the first time in days due to the rain over the weekend and is happily munching on grass.

Ms. Brinkley, the calico cat, is busy welcoming Ms. Marley, who is visiting from Wellington, oh what fun they will have. . .

Chester, the English bull dog, is watching over all with a smile, hoping the sun returns soon.