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Monday, September 14, 2009

A Rainy Day

A rainy day in the coop, although all are well. The main rooster Beaureguard stands watch, hawks have visited daily this week. George's hens are feeding the recent moth hatch near the jasmine arch, and Captain Jack Sparrow is still looking for attention from Mrs. Butterworth. All of the hens are finishing up thier molt, and thier feathers are coming in beautifully, egg production should increase shortly.

Zippy, the lopped eared bunny is in her playpen for the first time in days due to the rain over the weekend and is happily munching on grass.

Ms. Brinkley, the calico cat, is busy welcoming Ms. Marley, who is visiting from Wellington, oh what fun they will have. . .

Chester, the English bull dog, is watching over all with a smile, hoping the sun returns soon.

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