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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Chester's Epitaph

It's hard to believe that five short years ago we missed Thanksgiving for a 70 pound turkey, and it's even harder to believe he is gone . . .

Chester woke up on March 31st, 2010 not feeling his usual perky self, a very large tumor in his spleen had begun to bleed and by the afternoon he was gone. The tumor obviously had been there for quite some time, and he showed no signs of discomfort up until the end.

We will miss him greatly, as many of you know he was my shadow, and shadowed the many pet sitters. He was talked about at Thanksgiving for many years, and some of his antics will never be forgotten. I believe he could be listed in Guinness for eating the most unusual things including drinking of the beignet grease after Mardi Gras, and eating the feet off his ball, twice, the first time he threw them up six weeks after the first ingestion.

The look on his face summed it up, "Always keep smiling, for you never know when a frown could stick".

I thank all of you who put up with him, baby sat him, or just plain liked him.

With much sadness,

The Main Chick


  1. Chester was loved by all of the Willinghams. Even Newton. He is missed.

  2. Oh no! Can't believe we missed this news. We'll miss you Chester!
    --Chris, Christena and Aidan