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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Spanish Pipe Dreams

Plant a little garden, throw away your papers, blow up your TV, eat a lot of peaches, and try to find Jesus on your own. . .
Whether you are a John Prine fan or not it's really about the peaches and this summer's selection were no exception.

Arriving in Michigan with a case of Georgia peaches starts every one's mouth watering and the request for peach dumplings begin. I am not sure if Ange is the only artist that will commit to what seems like a day long task of peach dumpling making, I do know she is the only one who will readily volunteer. On the other hand finding a crowd to eat them is a piece of cake or peach as the case may be.

On the way back to our southern roots, we stopped once again, this time for several cases of those juicy fruits, we have eaten our weight in peaches, and now it is time for saving some for a rainy fall day or hurricane supply kit. Today I have been up to my elbows in Peach Preserves, a simple recipe and 12 pint jars later my mouth is watering, in Florida bottling sunshine isn't that appealing, but preserving the beautiful flavor of a sunset in a mason jar now that's worth it's weight in gold at the end of any rainbow.

Be a peach dear and pass the Bracken brown . . .

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