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Monday, December 20, 2010

Bob's Dream

Brother Bob awoke in the middle of the night dreaming of J.Z. bro's compass spinning round and round, he headed straight to his kitchen to write down his thoughts and try to make sense of his crazy dream, a picture of a spinning compass and the whirlwind we had been on shaped strangely enough in a "Z". I don't believe his dream is as crazy as it sounds, this year has been a zig zag in all directions as we criss crossed the south and yes that included southern Michigan.
We spent a good bit of time in South Carolina with Bob and mom, after the passing of my father and the loss of Ava. As we prepare for the celebration of Christ's birth and the promise of his resurrection, I can not help but realize as sorrow rips such a great hole in our hearts, there is then room for joy to flood in and I begin to count all of the blessings we have been gifted this year. Our time with Paul and my father, time with family and friends, and each other, Baptisms, and our new home are the really big ones, then there are the everyday blessings, too many to count. The humble gratitude and humility for all of these blessing are sometimes difficult to find, I will have to try harder in the new year.
As our compass has begun to stop spinning and clearly points south, no big brother it was not a crazy dream, it was a blessed life you dreamed about.

Merry Christmas Bob, you are truly one of God's great blessings.

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