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Monday, April 25, 2011

The chief stands guard . . .

After so much anticipation, 20 hours of hard labor and possibly a new shoulder, the great room paint finish is finally complete.

Spring Gobbler Season

Spring gobbler season and hanging out the laundry on the line both rights of passage for Spring and this Spring will be no exception, the weather in Southwest Florida has been flawless, and no matter your passion, this Spring is beautiful.

We are on Day 33 in the Cleveland Avenue Bungalow , the brilliant chartreuse feathered branches of the cypress, fresh oak leaves and hot pink azalea catch the attention of all who pass. The bird baths are daily retreats for the robins, cardinals and morning doves and we are working on designs for the chicken coop, front arbor, and a final resting place for Bubba, the barbecue grill. The roses, schefflera, and large clumps of bromeliads have been moved, farther into the gardens, as we attempt to eliminate the large expanse of grass, with hopes our rabbit friends do not mind the changes.

We are continuing to look for local food and have enjoyed the harvest from Worden Farms at the Wednesday Market in Fisherman's Village, our yard looks promising with the Suriname Cherry, tomato and the Mango are all covered in fruit, and we have some leads on u-pick blueberries, eggs and grass-fed beef. The Strawberries have been hit very hard by multiple freeze this winter, we were able to find a beautiful flat out at Ft. Ogden and put over half in the freezer for later.