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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Still Friends

The Sounds of Still Friends is HOT this balmy August eve in Punta Gorda . . .

The original music of Steve Blackwell's tribe fills the air in the Punta Gorda Woman's Center with an old soul Florida feel, smooth and rhythmic.

The children dance in the isle as they mouth the words of "Sugarcane" and "Plumes", toes tap and fans whirl as lessons of life unfold in each of the lyrical tales spun through instrument and voice straight from the heart.

As the Rockin Sausages set up for a second set, their faces bright with the new tales that will be told for generations to come, their fingers nimble, and the height of these talented musicians still yet to come, you can not help but smile and know for this moment . . . all is right with the world.

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