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Monday, April 16, 2012

Mt. Magazine Springtime Song

by Donna Stjerna and Kelly Mulhollan

Recently, as the sun set on the banks of the Peace River and "Still on the Hill" played a melodic composition, I fell in love with the "Ode to Mr. Boze" played on one of his fantastic fiddles, Devil Snake
and Seven Pies . . . but the words to "Mt. Magazine Springtime Song" just seem to resonate today,

When the naked trees loosen up their hides
and begin to grow new clothes . . .
when the March wind blows the cold away,
and dries my dripping nose,
I'll hike to the wild onion patch . .
eat and belch and sing,
blow my breath into winter's face . . .
and turn him into spring.

So three cheers for the "hermit-poet"
living on Mt. Magazine,
the second verse well it goes like this,
to the poem that he once called "Spring"!

When the hairy bumblebee crawls forth
and spreads his stubby wing . . .
he takes off running for the air,
I hear his motor sing.
Then he makes a nose dive for my britches,
stabs me with his sting.
I can feel a rise in the temperature
and a swift return of SPRING.

As part of the Stevefest Concert series, "Still on the Hill" was also able to perform at Deep Creek Elementary, with a fabulous children's program.  The final chapter of  this season for Stevefest is April 20th in Punta Gorda, as always a real treat for those who can make it,  "Still Friends" will open for Copper Box, and it promises to be another high stepping good time in Punta Gorda . . .

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